Blogger relations

Blog audiences tend to be niche audiences – and a niche audience, if you’re pitched relevantly, is very often a buying audience. Clients that come to us with their minds set on the front page of the Financial Times are often surprised when we show them just how beneficial a targeted blogger engagement approach can be.

And if you’re after an agency that knows a thing or 14,000 about blogger engagement – well, you’re in the right place.

Spotting a need for an easier way to find and talk to bloggers in his earlier PR years, agency founder Rich Leigh came up with and co-founded in 2013 – a service more than 14,000 bloggers and vloggers have since signed up to.

The premise is simple – brands and agencies subscribe to find and connect with relevant bloggers.. With a combined reach of hundreds of millions of unique visitors per month throughout the network, and some *incredibly* niche blogs out there, there’s no doubt we’ll find bloggers interested in exactly what it is you do – with an audience that will be, too.

Of course, work with us and we’ll handle everything, given we already have the right relationships, knowledge and tools necessary to get relevant bloggers and vloggers talking about you and your business.


Blogger relations