Influencer relations

Influencer marketing is a fancy way of saying we can get you and your business in front of the people that have influence over the things people buy, like and do.

When clients get in touch about influencer marketing, it is usually celebrity endorsement they’re thinking about. After all, wouldn’t we all like celebrities to tweet about our businesses, with the sway they have over their generally ample audiences?

Celebrity endorsement we can do. It can get costly, but we’ll always get you the best deal possible if there’s a famous face you just have to have front a campaign.

However, actors, musicians and sports stars aren’t the only voices people listen to anymore.

Very often, it’s better to reach the right audience for you and your business by letting us identify people that are influential within your field. That could be Stephen Fry, if your business has a quirky tech angle. It could be a 16 year old beauty vlogger with an ever-increasing subscriber base, or a podcaster that dedicates hours to specific topics. Or, as is most common when identifying influencers – it could be somebody you don’t even know exists yet, that holds particular sway over your potential customers, clients or users.

If you’re ready to be shouted about, allow us to hand the megaphone to those with the loudest voices!


Influencer marketing