Personal PRpaparazzi

Personal PR could also be described as celebrity PR or publicity. Kind of.

In short, it relates to helping individuals become better known, helping them manage their profile and creating and deciding upon the right opportunities for them, based on the considered objectives.

But, if you’re considering personal PR for you – please be aware that we are only interested in working with interesting, inspirational and talented people.

If that sounds brutal, allow us to explain.

Fame for fame’s sake is utterly, utterly pointless. It’s fleeting, soulless and ultimately, that person is taking the spot of somebody better deserving. It’s a fact that twice as many Twitter users talked about Kim Kardashian baring her ass versus the Rosetta comet landing.

The people we work with now and in the future might very well be ‘celebrities’ in that many people know of them, but they’re also the sort of people that understand that fame is the by-product of talent and/or success, and that their craft or focus is what matters.

What does personal PR achieve?

We understand what it is clients need and where we’d like them to be and, as with brand PR, we work backwards from there.

The difference here between personal PR and brand PR is that not every brand has a story worth telling, but every person is who they are for a reason – something made all the more interesting when that person has done, is doing or has achieved something interesting, inspirational or indicative of their talent.

That’s not to say getting press for the Kardashians of this world is hard – it often isn’t – it’s just, like the people that will do literally anything to be famous, the publicity gained serves next to no purpose and achieves even less.

Personal PR is much more than getting somebody in the media – once you know how, this becomes scarily easy, you could be ‘famous’ by the end of the day if you had the inclination. Personal PR, to us, is about getting the right people the right opportunities to keep doing what they do best.